Be Prepared… Tis the Silly Season.

And so it begins… the shopping malls are bellowing the time-old festive season tracks, decorations are up and that general rush for the finish-line feeling is starting to kick in. 

As a business owner, how can you best prepare to gain the most from it? 


This is an opportune time to kick off a loyalty rewards program. Over 75% of South African consumers make use of loyalty programmes. They are a great way to attract new customers, keep your current customers engaged and to drive sales. Customers who belong to loyalty programmes tend to spend more per purchase. We’ve just launched humble Loyalty, which gives you an affordable way to run your own customised loyalty program, we’ll share more about this at the end of the article.


Looking at what has happened in the past is a great indicator of what’s to come. If you are new to business, then do ask around and do some research. Understanding what is most popular with your customers over the busy season, will make sure that you’re stocked up to meet their demands and not lose out on sales. Look at current consumer trends and how they impact your business, and be prepared for these.


If you’re operating over the festive period, remember to get your team behind you. Make sure that they understand what is expected of them when it comes to after hours or additional role requirements. Incentives and rewards really do go a long way, provided the business can support this. A practical example can be rewarding your team with additional leave days once the silly season is over.


“Social is the new shop window — the place that consumers browse to find ideas and inspiration.” — Deloitte Retail Trends 2019.

Running online marketing campaigns and offering well-priced specials leading up to the festive season will bring your customers into the sales funnel early on, so when they’re ready to buy, they’ll be coming to you. Competitions are also a strategic way of gathering the data needed to target new customers and keep your current customers coming back. When getting social, make sure that your staff are aware of what’s happening online so that they know what’s expected of them.  


For those consumers that don’t go away over the festive period, shopping in-store becomes an outing. Dress your store up to make it is enticing enough for them to want to come and explore. Offer customers an immersive experience from the moment they walk in, to the moment they leave. Run special events for the family, add some ambience and remember those in-store specials. 

It’s not just about the products you sell it’s about how customers feel engaging with your brand. 

Interested in learning more about how humble can help you grow your business over this silly season?

humble Loyalty is a simple and affordable way to run a customised loyalty rewards program. It is cloud based and works across multiple platforms and devices. Your customers can keep track of the loyalty earned, spent and any promotions directly through the loyalty application, removing the high costs associated with managing and printing physical cards. 
To enjoy a free trial, simply click sign-up online using the following link or email us on sales@humbletill.com

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What habits are you feeding your business?

It’s a fast paced environment and inevitable to get caught up in the daily demands put on us, as both business owners and people. As a business owner, you are having to make decisions on the fly and being pulled into all aspects of daily operations. You’re looking for the next how to guide and in short – You’re the go-to for absolutely everything! 

So how can you better your business and your life in a way that feeds your passion and brings you focus?

First things, first… do you even know what you’re most passionate about? This although a seemingly simple question, is quite challenging to answer, but worth putting pen to paper and noting. If you know what really drives you in both life and business, it becomes a lot easier for you to focus on the things that feed your energy, rather than those that take from it. You really want to be able to say, ‘hell no’ or, ‘hell yes’ to those things that will drive your business and life forward.
Here’s some food for thought that you can apply:

Know your Habits.

A habit is defined as a regular tendency or practice, especially one that may be hard to give up. Do you know the habits that you currently practice on a daily basis? You’ll be surprised at what you think you know about them. We’ve found some cool Apps that can help you track your daily habits: 


Today Habit Tracker

Not into Apps, then it’s as simple as keeping a journal or taking notes on your mobile phone. Look for patterns and find ways to better those that add to your life and remove those that take from it! 

The same should go for your business, are you aware of the daily habits that are adding value, and how can you keep bettering those?

Some valuable habits include:

  • Facilitating a morning staff session – do you gear your team up for the day, motivate them or just check in to say hi?
  • Set daily business goals – set daily goals that you can measure and share with your team on a daily basis. For example, set a daily sales target for each team member and the business as a whole. Link this to an overall business incentive and watch how your teams pull together to achieve it.

Streamline your Business. 

The best way to do this is by automating and outsourcing key functions. Making use of business tools such as a cloud based point of sales system can enable your business and empower you. By knowing what’s working and not working, managing stock and inventory, keeping a record of your customers spending patterns and tracking your sales and staff. All of which is key to running your business. Implementing humble POS, allows you to manage your business effectively and efficiently, from anywhere. It’s cloud based, works online and offline, with integrated payments and a custom loyalty program.

Take Time Out, be Mindful and Grateful. 

Probably one of the most challenging things to do but so rewarding and crucial to our personal growth. Take time out daily, this can be as little as 5 minutes of meditation or just quiet time, to help clear the mind and relax the body. You really don’t need to be an expert, start with just 2 minutes a day, where you sit in a quiet space and just let your thoughts flow through your mind, don’t fight them… the point of meditation is to learn how to be in a present and calm state with them. 

Practicing mindfulness and gratitude is an important habit in both life and business. Be grateful for what you have, both positive and negative experiences are necessary in our lives. It is through these that we ultimately grow and mature, as business owners and people. Think about it, if you have never experienced triumphs and setbacks, how would you know you were going in the right direction or that you could better your current state. Need some help in this area, try out some of these Apps:


The Mindfulness App

Here’s a thought, why not implement it as part of your daily business routine or a 21-day challenge? Offer your staff 5 minutes of downtime, provided that they’re using it to practice. Watch how their productivity and overall drive will soar, happy staff lead to happy customers!

The most successful businesses are run by entrepreneurs who adopt the right habits to ensure their longevity and relevance in the marketplace. The truth is that so much of our behavior comes from the habits that we employ on a daily basis, effectively determining our potential to excel. If you’re committed to growing your business, then consistently implementing good habits will lead to success.

It takes as little as 18, and up to 66 days to form a new habit, with just over 70 days left till 2020, why not start one new habit today!

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